(Automating model federation process) Not sure how to set the correct sequence for my nodes

Working as a BIM Coordinator for a main contractor, model federation is part of my weekly tasks. I am trying to automate the process with a dynamo scrip. I am using it to generate a 3d View, set my view parameters, clean annotations, remove imported dwgs and at the end export the view to nwc format to federate it in Navisworks from where I can later export it to Revizto. Seems to work alright until the point of the Export which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Any idea on what I am doing wrong ? I have added screenshots of the script and also the script if it help.

Full dynamo script.dyn (29.4 KB)

I’m guessing. But maybe use a pass through node to make sure you generate the 3D view before the export happens. Not sure how dynamo would know which part to run first there. Connect the two graphs together


By using the passthough function (from the #clockwork node Passthrough) the node order of operation can be forced. The function will wait for the Passthough value to be generated, before sending the Waitfor value to be the output. Is that clear enough? Give it a go :grinning: (Didn’f fully test this graph configuration, as I was missing a package, and havent got your project file)


Hi Vanman, I introduced Pass through nodes, but for some strange reason it s still not working :frowning:

Hi Ewan,

Thanks for taking the time to reply and for showing me the right way of using the pass through nodes. I have done it the way you showed me( small difference in the removal of DWGs graph as I couldn’t find that elements.delete node you have used.

But that is not my concern, I am not even fussed at the moment with the DWGs, I just want the script to work, no matter what Revit file I am in, I want to open my script run it and have a NWC generated in the same folder.

Cheers,Full dynamo script.dyn (30.4 KB)

Give this one a try :wink:

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Hi Ewan, thanks for the reply. Tried it and it worked once after reconnecting the nodes, but after when I tried it for a second time it does not work. Any ideas ?

This may be due to trying to create a view with the same name and type (Revit doesnt like that).
You can add in an incremental parameter to the view name to handle this, but this process would need only need to be applied if you intend to run the graph multiple times on the same file.
Alternatively you could introduce a “does the view already exist?, if so, use the existing view instead…” argument.
Then you would be set up to work with the Dynamo Player :grinning:

I don’t think the passthrough node will remove the need to use the transaction.end node to make sure the document is updated before your downstream operations.

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You cracked the case Michael- using an end.transaction node made it work. I am just a beginner so my next question will probably sound stupid. I have used just an end transaction node after setting out my view and right before the export, but I haven’t used a start.transaction node. Do i need a start transaction node ? If not, in what situation would I need one and how should it be linked :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your help this script was causing me headache for almost a week :slight_smile:

Like this again?

Not sure why you have 2 threads? Am I missing something?

I also gave an explanation to the Transaction lower down as you’d asked?


You are right. Last time I forgot the View. Remove view template node ( stupid of me). And yes you have explained the transaction node before but I didn’t understand why your order is starting with the start node followed by the end node ( in the graph you have showed for the export) In my head it would make sense to have the end node first followed bu the start one.

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If anyone is interested in the working code please find attached.Full dynamo script(Clean AF coord).dyn (38.5 KB)