Deleting and recreating

HI all,
i have a definition where i check if a view is created and if it is i delete it.
Then i want to recreate it but i keep getting that error

Yeah, dynamo has a tendency to execute nodes in the most efficiant order. wich means some node at the end of your script might execute before nodes at the start.

I feel like your script is trying to delete the view first, and then tries to look for it. Since it’s already gone, you get that error.

There are multiple ways to fix the order of operation. my personal favorites are: a dummy python script, design script or the clockwork “passthrough” node. You see, the concept is to force the totality of your data throught a single unique node. since these nodes need all inputs to execute, anything after it will only happen after the dummy completes.

Exemple python script:

OUT = [ IN[0], IN[1], IN[2], IN[3], IN[4] ]

Then you split it in a design script node


Remeber to put every single lace of data through it,

I tried with the Passthrough node but no avail

Can you show the rest of your graph so we can see what’s going on?

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