Autocad 3D Solid imported into Revit

I know this is a long time issue that has yet to be solved as far as im aware, so i just wanted to ask if i could somehow use dynamo to import the 3d solid.
I have zero experience using dynamo so i wont be much help on that front but if anyone has any ideas then ill give it a go.
Thanks for the assistance ! nothing else seems to work,

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Hi @krooney66 ,
you could try exporting your 3d solid as SAT from autocad, then use dynamo to open it and import it into revit with directshape or Dimitar Venkov’s excellent FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node (Spring Nodes package)

Thnaks for the help. What sequence of nodes do i need to use to import the SAT file ? Sorry ive jumped in at the deep end here haha no clue beyond opening dynamo.

Awesome !!! Thanks a bunch !! trying it now, quite a big model so not sure if it will work. Either way thanks for the help, much appreciated.

Is this right ? its not generating the right model. thanks

2 things :

  • Pipework, the way you did it, is a variable. Put it between quotes to get a string : “Pipework”
    -can you show the output of the geometry.ImportFromSAT node? if that list contains more than one item it’s not going to work because you need to give one name for each element of that list.

i tried making the changes but theres over 800 in the list so thats a no go. revit keeps crashing as well. if i post the cad file could you have a look at it, unless you cant post stuff like that i dont really know tbh.

oh my … yes 800 will definitely be to much, especially since that node creates one family per object. Thta would take forever!
what exactly are you trying to do? convert an autocad model into a BIM model? if that’s the case i’m afraid there’s no easy way to do it…

Ive modelled pipework in autocad and i sculpted the entire model so that it is a single 3d solid entity. I need to bring it into revit, no other means of importing have been succesful so i was hoping dynamo might work. Apparently as i am a new user i cant upload the cad file.

try with

Drop your the link to the file uploaded on Drive, Dropbox, etc

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