3D dwg to Revit

Hi folks,

I’m just learning Dynamo and trying to create a script to convert a 3D dwg to a Revit entity for creating families. i work int he AV industry and many of the products I specify do not publish BIM models of their products, but most will have 3D dwg/dxf files available.

I’ve been able to generate a model in Dynamo, but just can’t seem to figure out how to get it out to Revit. Been searching this forum and Google, but can’t seem to “Connect the dots”.

Hope you’ll endulge a newbie here, but could someone point me in the right direction? Here’s a screen cap of what I have so far:

Look into the ‘FamilyInstance.ByGeometry’ node in the Spring Nodes package as a start. :slight_smile:

Or try looking at nodes with Directshape in the title :wink:

Thanks Guys! I ended up using the ‘FamilyInstance.ByGeometry’ node and it worked! Curiously, it doesn’t draw the familly in the workspace, so I spent an hour trying to troubleshoot before I stumbled on the family in the active project inserted on top of the linked CAD. If I could ask one more question, what would I need to add to get it to show up in the Dynamo workspace for verification?

Update: I figured out why I didn’t see it in Dynamo Workspace. It is placed in Workspace at the origin it is placed in the model, so it was hundreds of feet away from 0,0,0. Figured it out when I did a Zoom Extents. Now I know.

Thanks again for the help guys.