Revit Family to CAD

Hello Experts,

I am trying to create dynamo script to export my Revit family views to dwg. I like to export Floor Plan, Elevations and 3D View as .dwg.

I found something on forum and tried it but it didn’t work. i have attached my first script image and .dyn file with this query.

Requested to all expert to help me on this please.

Thank You!

Nitesh PanchalRevit Family to CAD.dyn (15.5 KB)

did any error messages come up? did anything happen when you ran the script? what was the “something” you found on the forum that you tried? can you provide a link? why are you exporting to cad?

Hello Tom,

After running i am not getting any error or warning but it is not exporting the files. Following is the link from where i tried to learn for this script.

Thank You!

Hi @Nitesh_Panchal,

I modified the script from Konrad Sobon and I made a custom node.
It can maybe solve your issue.

Hello Alban,

Thank you for your help. Now only thing is that i am unable to find some of the nodes from script you sent me.

It will be great help if you can help me with package name for these nodes please.

Thank You!

Hello Alban,

Here is the attached what i have done but still not working.

Thank You!

The node needs a valid export setup.
You can make one like this :

You can duplicate the in-session export setup and give it a name :

Hello Alban,

Thank you once again for your quick help. Still it shows some warning for “Export DWG & Watch” node, here is the attached snap shot.

Sorry, I missed the fact that you are in a family environment.
It can’t work like that.

I will try to modify the Python script.

Thank you very much. I realised the same and tried with project. It works fine.

But it will be great if you can help me with families please.


So in the API the ExportDWGSetting must come from a Revit project document.

The good new is that without this line, the script works well.

Export DWG from family document.dyn (6.1 KB)

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Hello Alban,

Thank you for script. Latest one you sent was working fine for me. Even i have modified to export Plan and 3D views for the same.

I would like to you ask one thing that do you work on paid project for dynamo if required? Thing is i tried to learn it but i am not getting it 100% but my organization need many Dynamo script. So last thing i will have only option to outsource this kind of work.

If possible for you and you are intrested, drop me an email to please.

Thank You!

Nitesh Panchal