Auto-Dimension from Walls

hello, I tested it here but it doesn’t work, I use revit 2020 but when I run the error routine at no pyton error-> Warning: Your inputs are outside the allowed modeling range. Consider choosing the Large setting with a modeling range between 0.01 and 1,000,000 in the “Settings => Geometry working range” dialog box, help !!!


View Working Range is set in Settings > Geometry scaling… you might need to restart?



Hey, there is a check box input for multi? :slight_smile:

I made the changes that the warning asked for but it doesn’t work, actually after changing the dimension, the routine is executed and no error appears, but without result, the project remains the same and the dimensions are not inserted

Hi @Mark.Ackerley,

Thanks for the reply. But i didn’t get that.

Dimension in blue is what i got after running the script and they are created as three different strings. Dimension in black (selected in revit) is what i want exactly means i want it to be single string.

Can you please explain me in detail about how to make it a single string of dimension?
It would be very helpful.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Here’s an updated graph…

Let me know what breaks!



Hello @Mark.Ackerley

Your code doesn’t work for me… I select the wall, the script run, but doesn’t show me the dim… Can you help me please?


Could you post a simple test file? I do know that it doesn’t compensate for scope boxes!



Hello @brenofilipe
Check if your project unit is in millimeters

Hi there, your script looks amazing and really complex!

However, I just gave it a try and it does not seem to work. I set the wall element and its references to OUT, so that I can see the results, and it seems that the script does not return any references in the end:

Do you know what might be causing this. Could it be a version - related issue? I am with Revit 2021 and Dynamo 2.6


eu testei essa rotina na funciona comigo assim, e sem aviso. porque sera? estou precisando de rotina pra cotar as paredes.

work only at lowest level, why?

Good morning @Mark.Ackerley

Has there been any development for your Auto-Dimension script in the updated Revit 2022 API?

See attached screen shot.

I’m using Revit 2022 and Dynamo 2.10.1

Many thanks.

Hello everyone, here is my attempt for a script that will dimension entire walls from the core faces and openings. What I will be using it for is for construction documents were you need the dimensions from the core faces of the walls (wooden stud walls) and the opening widths. The problems that I was not able to solve is when we have an inclined wall like in the attached image as I cant get a reference at the joint of the two walls. Its made only using nodes as I am not very familiar with Python so maybe it can be optimized quite a bit. Also it sometimes does crash Revit for some reason which I can’t yet figure out. Any help would be appreciated. I do think this will save a lot of time for many people and it can be modified to take the wall exterior and interior faces as well when the thickness of the structure is not required.

The used packages are Genius Loci Clockwork and ArchiLabs
Dynamo is 2.10 and Revit 2022


autodim.dyn (279.7 KB)


Yes, it is a doozy isn’t it! :slight_smile:

So it looks like you are trying to dimension wall cores? And your graph uses perpendicular references, which isn’t going to work for inclined walls…

My solution was based on edge (references) of the wall geometry, so it could pick up the vertical edge (reference). But I think you will struggle, because the wall solid won’t have a vertical edge (reference) for the wall core… If I tab in Revit, I can pick the vertical edge reference as a dot for the external and internal faces, but I can’t for the core.

The only workaround I can think of would be to place lines at the points where you would like the dimension, though obviously this would not update with the walls.

Hope that is of interest,


Thanks @Mark.Ackerley I will look into it. What concerns me more is why it crashes Revit sometimes. Maybe its something to do with the custom nodes or some data it can not parse? I couldn’t really identify the issue but it happens on bigger models with lots of different window and door families (all have their references named etc. so the script could catch them). I would be really grateful if someone can check if he has the same issue and can pinpoint the source.
**What I did find is that the graph runs fine if the output nodes (Dimension byReferences) are frozen. So it makes me think there is some issue when it tries to print out the dimensions into Revit.


No worries, if it’s just affecting bigger models, perhaps it is a RAM issue? Otherwise, it might be some oddity which is rare and turns up in only those bigger models… Quite a slow task to isolate unfortunately.

I would see whether it runs if you just create 50 dimensions? Keeping an eye on your Task Manager?

Maybe if that is the case, you could run a graph to dimension just the window openings, say, with a 2nd graph/setting to do walls etc. You’d need to adjust your graph to dimension pairs of references instead of a whole run.

If you can isolate an oddity which is the cause, we can look at that for a solution :slight_smile:

Let us know either way,

Best of luck!


I am getting the same message ,
Do I need to download specific packages ?

I am getting the same message like reecethorner92 , is there anyway around ? Do I need specific library or packages to download ?

DisplayUnitType property has been removed from API 2022, it is recommended to replace it with GetUnitTypeId Method