Automatic dimensions

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Perhaps a complicated question, but I would like to try to write a script in Dynamo for automation of dimensioning. For each building and building layer, I need to manually specify the following dimensions per side:

  • dimensions relative to grid;
  • exterior wall openings/masonry;
  • construction/ limestone;
  • grid;
  • subtotal;
  • total;

In turn, all of these dimensions have their own offset relative to the façade.

How great would it be if I could automate this. It would save a lot of work.

This is what I mean.

Thanks in advance!


In my experience a simple example is straight forward, you can use nodes from Genius Loci to get you going.

Like all these things, the complexity comes from all the edge cases, and there are a lot!

  • External wall dimensions should ignore intersecting walls
  • Internal walls should include them
  • We need to only work with walls intersecting the view cut plane
  • Some walls aren’t 90 degrees
  • Sometimes people put plan regions on
  • Sometimes people use compound walls
  • Sometimes wall joins give extra lines (you can temporarily change the join to mitre)

And many more, I’m sure :slight_smile:

Some stuff here :slight_smile:

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Attempt just one dimensioning case and you’ll get an idea of whether you can achieve your goal feasibly. If not, look into dimensioning add-ins - a lot out there.

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Hi @b.vrenken, here’s good thread:
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