Auto Dims Linked

Hi All,

I’ve been having some fun adding a bit of extra functionality to my auto dimension graph…

It dimensions in the current document, linked documents, user selected and All in view… it creates multi-dims so i can run with a brick dim checker, it works for pointy walls… It ignores anything out of the cut plane. I’m not convinced linked files will work with different coordinate system locations, I need some more test cases.

I have been struggling to return button clicks from WPF so it’s still winforms… I’ve commented out the links so it should run straight out of the box (if anyone can stream from URI without saving locally I would be very interested!). Primarily it’s Revit API driven, but there is a bit of Protogeometry which I’ll replace at some point.

Perhaps it’s useful :slight_smile:


Dimension Walls In Plan.dyn (59.5 KB)


Thank you for sharing,
for some reason, I am running your dynamo script but nothing happens. I am using revit 2020 and dynamo 2.3.1


That’s odd, if you could pass me a sample .rvt i can have a quick look for you? Otherwise, perhaps you could try de-bugging… working down through the python and using OUT= on the various variables to see where the problem occurs?