Dimension walls

I didn’t realize when I started doing this but; dimensioning with Dynamo is surprisingly complicated!
After being able to automatically dimension gridlines, I decided to take a look on how to dimension walls in a floor plan.
I’ve checked out many previous topics about this and decided to work on it myself.
I feel like I am close since I do get a dimension on the selected model line, but it’s not exactly what I am aiming for since it doesn’t recognize the openings in the face of the wall:

Unfortunately, I have no clue on how to use Python yet so this is what the script looks like now:

The .dyn file is included down below:
test dim by wall v3.dyn (46.8 KB)

Hi @selim.celem,

You can simplify your graph with the Wall Edges References node.

Dimension walls and openings.dyn (17.5 KB)

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I would amend this to: dimensioning in general is quite complicated.


Brilliant mate!

When I try to take more than 1 wall of the same type in an active view with a filter method, the script creates the same amount of dimensions as walls, but all aligned vertically to the first selected wall. Any way to change the script accordingly so it places the dimension lines vertically on all the collected walls instead?

Sorry but your request is unclear and it is good practice to show the previews under the nodes and provide a sample revit file with the graph.
Your walls can be dimensioned in many different ways. Impossible to help without a screenshot of the expected result.