All Nodes on top of each other

Using Revit 2021 Dynamo:
When I am opening a dyn file it is showing all of the nodes on top of each other.
The file looked like this:

But when reopened it looked like this:

If I space them out I get this:

So all of the Code Blocks are toast…
If I make another Code Block it looks like this:

Has anyone seen this before? i am going to reinstall.

Is this one dyn or all?

Did you open the graph using the edit button in Dynamo player or from within Dynamo Revit?

Can you share your Dynamo log and the dyn?

Hi Drew / Jacob

I have just had exactly the same thing happen to Dynamo (Revit 2021). Each file I now open opens in the same way with all of the nodes ontop of each other and unuseable, and the code blocks blank.
Did you find a way to resolve this?

Many thanks

Can you post your log file and an example .dyn for everyone to review.

Also, do you have any view extensions installed by any chance?


Hi Daniel

Please find attached my log file and the project I was working on when I re-opened the dynamo file with this issue.

I dont think I have any view extensions installed.

Thank you for your help. My work around at this time is to use another PC which seems to work. I have tried uninstalling/re-installing Revit 2021 with no luck on the PC I as using, so I am assuming it is something on this PC in the background? I am considering resetting my PC to try and make this work.

Any thoughts very welcome.
dynamoLog_7f28b8fe-d14f-4aa5-be86-5852c52174d5.txt (40.4 KB) CONSTRUCTIONS_RENAME.dyn (104.7 KB)

You have Data-Shapes ViewExtensions loaded. I’m not sure if this is causing the issue, might be worth removing it temporarily in case there is a conflict. From the errors though it looks like there is a null reference and the CodeBlockNodeModels fail to build just after the Extensions Tab is added (hence why you are seeing blank codeblocks in the same spot)…

2020-09-12 16:01:01Z : Failed to apply NodeViewCustomization for CodeBlockNodeModel
2020-09-12 16:01:01Z : System.NullReferenceException:
2020-09-12 16:01:01Z : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
2020-09-12 16:01:01Z :    at Dynamo.Wpf.Views.CodeHighlightingRuleFactory.CreateClassHighlightRule(EngineController engineController)
   at Dynamo.Wpf.Views.CodeHighlightingRuleFactory.CreateHighlightingRules(TextEditor editor, EngineController controller)
   at Dynamo.UI.Controls.CodeBlockEditor..ctor(NodeView nodeView)
   at Dynamo.Wpf.CodeBlockNodeViewCustomization.CustomizeView(CodeBlockNodeModel model, NodeView nodeView)
   at lambda_method(Closure , NodeModel , NodeView )
   at Dynamo.Wpf.NodeViewCustomizationLibrary.TryApplyCustomization(NodeModel model, NodeView view, InternalNodeViewCustomization customization)

And, one other thing I saw in the log is this line…

PackageManagerViewExtension: Method not found: 'Void DotNetEnv.Env.Load(System.String, LoadOptions)'.

Not sure of the significance of this, I don’t have Dynamo 2.6 yet so can’t confirm if I also get this, but in 2.5 this isn’t present…

FYI @Michael_Kirschner2 @solamour @JacobSmall

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The Void DotNetEnv.Env.Load(System.String, LoadOptions) indicates that there is a something up with .NET components on the system, which explains the graph functioning on other machines too. I’ll flag with dev and see if there are any ideas there.

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Thank you Daniel, you are right I do have Data-Shapes loaded, apologies. I will try removing and seeing if this works. The extension is important for some of my graphs so I hope I can use it.

Thanks again

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No worries @TimGreatrex, I think it’s more likely the DotNetEnv error as Jacob elaborates on (we’ll see what devs say), but could be that the view extension, good to try removing the package temporarily in any case as it eliminates one possibility, just move it to your desktop for now. Let us know if that fixes the issue or not.

Also, you said you were using the graph fine on another machine, is this also in Dynamo 2.6?

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Hi Daniel. Can I ask what you mean by move the package to my desktop for now, instead of its location on the C:?

The graph opens up fine on the other machine, but I do not have the view extensions loaded on that machine. I will try installing them to see what happens.

Thanks again

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Yeah, the package is in the app data directory (C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.6\packages), simply move it to another location like your desktop, open revit/dynamo and see if this fixes it, if not then move it back and let us know this was not the issue.

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Hi Daniel

I uninstalled the Data Shapes package this morning and it did not fix the issue. I also removed the other packages I have (Clockwork, spring nodes, Orchid, and DYN_SharedParamTesting) and this did not work either. Do you think it is the .NET components file that is damaged/altered on this PC?

Thanks again

Could be, or it could be that the there is a Revit add-in causing an issue.

The Revit add-in’s I have installed are:

  • My own custom built API for my company built by a developer. I have had this for a few years without an issue, and it has not been updated in a year.
  • Xrev Transmit
  • Enscape
  • pyRevit

Hope this helps.

With 2021 being less than a year old this feels like a potential cause. Pyrevit has also had its fair share of issues in the past.
Can you disable all the add-ins and try to reproduce? If it doesn’t reoccur try reinstalling the custom one and test Dynamo again. Then do PyRevit, test. Xrev, test. Enscape, test.

Post the Revit journal from any which reproduce the failure.

Thanks Jacob

I have disabled all of the addins, removed my custom addin, and removed Enscape, but the problem is still occuring with any Dynamo file I try to open on this PC.

Any thoughts what I could test next?
Thanks again

Not offhand - can you get me the journal from the Revit session with no add-ins installed? Might be something in there.

Thanks. Attached is the log after opening again a minute ago. Here is also a screengrab to show the issue.

dynamoLog_fdd251a0-7e51-47fc-8bbd-ab6bb9c9fae3.txt (20.5 KB)


Ah - can you post the Revit journal? This will confirm everything is good on that side.

Please see attached. I have attached todays date, and the journal of the date before this problem started, just in case.
journal.0078.txt (213.8 KB)
journal.0059.txt (1.4 MB)


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