Overlapping nodes

Why i get overlapping nodes. my whole program is lost.

how to recover (given pic) into tabular form again

Generative is not getting uninstalled.

Did you try to simply close and reopen your definition?
If not try CTRL + L

i saved it and then closed. i created groups in it too. but everything lost now.
Ctrl + L worked.
Is there any permanent solution to this.

It shouldn’t be a permanent problem :slight_smile:

My code block coding for a list is also lost.

my program is also not running. it says running completed but nothing is happing. i created a dynamo script to set values of mark parameters for beam. Now nothing is happening.

why i cannot write anything on code block after pressing Ctrl + L

May be a conflicting Revit add-in.

Do you have a bunch of notifications (green ! on the top menu)? If so these could provide some indication of what the issue is.

what are these notifications about and how to fix them.

how to figure out which package is creating problem so that i can uninstall them.

Can you do the following?

  1. Close everything.
  2. Launch Revit.
  3. Start a new project.
  4. Launch Dynamo.
  5. Open the collapsing nodes graph.
  6. Close Dynamo.
  7. Close Revit.
  8. Post your Dynamo log. Info on how to locate them can be found here: Locating the log file - #2 by Alban_de_Chasteigner
  9. Post your Revit journal. Info on how to locate journals can be found here: About Journal Files | Revit Products 2020 | Autodesk Knowledge Network. Note that you may need to adjust the path based on your Revit version.