Dynamo fails to start (Revit 2021)

Hi all,
Searched the archives, but couldn’t get something matching my symptoms.

This is with Revit 2021, but I can’t pull the Dynamo version running under it, due to the issue at hand.

There’s a second window popping when I start Dynamo, but I can never bring it in front or view it at all. I can shut it down though. I don’t seem to see a process in Task Manager.
Thank you!

Hi @Ra-X ,

Could you maybe share a screen recording of some kind so we can also see what you are seeing?

Restart the CPU, open Revit, start a new project from no template, launch Dynamo to reproduce the issue, quit Revit, and post that journal from that session with the screencast.

I was just heading in that direction - I started looking at journals with our template used for a project, but switched as per your request.
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Well, I seem to be a “new user,” so I can’t upload anything…
Anything I can possibly look at while that aspect gets sorted out?
Thank you.

Try now. Used some of my magical moderator powers to bump you (you were fairly close before - entering more topics while logged in and you’d already be there).

journal.0001.txt (400.2 KB)

Thanks, Jacob!

Sorry you can’t see my cursor/pointer… Something about Camtasia saving to avi. After starting Dynamo, it starts thinking, and then the Dynamo window gets behind Revit’s and stays there in the upside down :wink:

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Well… I have some good news and some bad news. But first up thanks for proving this info as you did - precisely what was needed and executed to perfection (missing mouse isn’t an issue).

The bad news is that the exact issue isn’t clear. But the good news is that we have a LOT of other issues (I estimate around 40) to address which may resolve the problem.

If you search the journal for “API_ERROR” you’ll see there are 49 flags, most of which (all?) are around DLL conflicts. Any one of these could be causing this issue or more. You’ll also notice a few references to “Log4Net” which hopefully triggers a few ‘on no’ thoughts, as Revit should be fully patched by now.

To address these issues, I recommend disabling all add-ins and seeing if the issue persists. If not, add them back via a binary search or in segments until you identify the culprit(s). Note that some of the add-ins you’re using a rather deeply rooted, so it make take a few reviews outside of the standard add-ins folder.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, attempting to reset your Dynamo user preferences could resolve the issue. However the above should be addressed if it’s a root cause or not, and the settings should migrate between builds on the same system, so I’m hesitant to type that ‘how to’ up as it would likely make more work for you if the other issue isn’t addressed first. Give the add-in removal a shot first and let me know how that goes, and we can take next steps from there.