2022.1 latest Revit update broke Dynamo

I’m hearing about more cases of 2022 latest update that “broke my dynamo”. The symptoms include freezing up when adding nodes and\or nodes not displaying and you only see wires.

Hello @byousif - Do you have reproducible steps that show us these problems? If so, we can take a look to help resolve :slight_smile:

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Sounds like an add-in conflict. Disable all Revit add-ins and see if the behavior resolves.

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I believe this issue only occurred after intalling the latest Revit update where Dynamo was working fine before.
I asked my client Ed to respond to this post directly and maybe you can contact him and help out? I tried all I could think of (except for the addins removal).

What we found is was an admin causing the Problem. Thanks for your help.



Funny… I just helped a colleague in support diagnose the same. Microdesk may have an update or may need to be informed of the issue - if you have a contact there you may want to reach out so you can get the benefit of both tools.

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Hi all,

Could I ask what the solution was here? I’ve disabled all add-ins for 2022 and it did not fix the issue. I’m not sure what “Admin causing the issue” means?

Would appreciate any assistance.

Restart the cpu, keep all the add-ins disabled, start Revit, open a new file from any template, launch dynamo, open a graph to reproduce the issue and run it, close Dynamo, close Revit, and then post the Revit journal and Dynamo Log file back to this thread so we can confirm no add-ins are an issue.

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You might not have disabled ALL addins. There is more than one folder where they can be found:


Once you move all contents out (or rename those folders), Dynamo should work, but the issue remains that you can only have one thing: Dynamo or the addins.

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Hi @JacobSmall and @byousif , thank you for the responses.

It was actually quite urgent, so I followed someone’s suggestion of uninstalling and reinstalling 2022 without the .1 update which did the trick. I know this isn’t the best approach, but it does allow me to work with Dynamo without any issues for now.

Thanks again for the responses.

Does anyone know if Autodesk ever fixed this update? I had one of my personnel install this update and it of course broke Dynamo. It also appears that the 2022.1.3 hotfix did not fix this issue as well.