2022.1 latest Revit update broke Dynamo

Enclosed are the logs.
journal.0039.txt (320.7 KB)
dynamoLog_8ba1a034-579b-42b5-9898-1a7bd2fb23d9.txt (6.0 KB)

Still quite a few add-ins (Guardian, CTC, Rushforth, Ideate, Enscape) loading. Disable them all and try again. I know a few of those have had updates between 2022.0 and now to resolve conflicts which cause issues along the lines of what you’re reporting, so it may be worth running updates on those as well.

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I already went thru that process of moving all the addins to a different location and restart and try running Dynamo and it does not solve the problem. Our company has a tight control on the software that is used, and release upgrades are generally not immediate since they typically test it for a good period to confirm the stability of the release. It was until two weeks ago that our company release both upgrades to Revit 2022 (1.3 I believe) and all the Addins.

I just asked one of my colleagues to test if Dynamo is working on her computer and she had no issues. She also has all the same addins installed as in my computer. So the issue is not a conflict with an addin. This confirms what someone stated earlier in this thread where he tested in two different computers and both computers having addins and in one computer he has issues and in the other he does not.

I believe that the only option is to have a full reinstall of 2022.

Thank you for your time to look into it. I appreciate your feedback.

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what is your actual issue / set of symptoms that you notice?

Dynamo displays lines. Enclosed is the image that I get from the script. It is more likely something was not installed properly.

Everything time we have seen this it’s been an add-in conflict, which means that a reinstall with the same add-ins will put you back in the same boat unless you update the add-in on the reinstall.

I would need a journal from a session with no add-ins to confirm though, as it is possible you’re seeing the same behavior triggered by something else entirely.

Once we have that comparing it to your session with all the add-ins can help identify which is causing the conflict too, which could save you time. The alternative is to add/remove them one by one until the fix is found.