XYZ Coordinates for piles (Top and Bottom)

How to extract XYZ Coordinates for Pile centre Top and bottom …?

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I want Extract Pile XYZ Coordinates(Top and Bottom) to excel from revit and i want to show them in Properties as a parameter…


Can any one help regarding this…


Is this possible to do in Dynamo


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And am unable to write the last two code blocks…

Please help me regarding that sir…

Am getting these Warnings sir…Please help me regarding this Am getting warning at Family instance location and am using Dynamo 0.8V

Hi Chaitanya,

It seems warning is due to “FamilyInstance.Location” node doesn’t support for structural elements in Version 0.8. You can use instead custom node called “Element.Location” from clockwork or standard node “StructuralFraming.Location”. Good Luck!


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Thankyou for your help

I have achieved what you mentioned above but am not getting XYZ values for Bottom.

Because our pile is inclined it showing Elevation at Bottom=Varies so am not getting XYZ for bottom

can you please help me regarding this sir…

Hi Chaitanya,

Is it possible for you to put here your Dummy rvt file?


Hi Sir,

I have Uploaded sample File here you can find that with Piles and Pile cap.

In that we need to get Top and Bottom XYZ Coordinates at center point.But am facing problem according as mentioned above.

Please help me sir.

Don’t worry i will help you! Give me sometime.

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Thank you sir…


I got that…

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Dear All, I am writing this mail to getting a help to correct my first dynamo program which is not giving the spot coordinates as expected. Kindly see the attached image for more clarification. Program image

the above coding is running and giving the output is not matching with the Revit Spot Coordination command.

Kindly correct me and help me learn the right thing to follow. Thanks in advance Venkat.PR

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