Pile coordinates

Dear All,
I have a code for extracting coordinates from Piles in Revit. I have a problem with this code. the problem is it’s extracting wrong coordinates.
Here I’m converting coordinates from origin to project basepoint. you can understand the method if you observe my map.
I attached snaps for your Reference.

Hello @rajkumar.kolli93

Can you Please share the sample revit file and .dyn file. other wise i need to create the script from scratch.

Sorry @honeyjain619, That is a company project file I can’t share here.

I am not asking the complete original .rvt file you can copy 4-5 piles in a blank file, and run the same script in the sample file and share the sample file.
I’ll try to solve your problem in sample file. if you are getting the satisfactory result in sample file and you can run the script in main/ original file.

Okay I ll share rvt file…

Hi I create a couple that added the x y coordinates to a parameter.
See if these are any use for you.