FamilyInstance.Location (Error)

Hi everyone,

I’m quite new with Dynamo and I’m currently working on a project to find the xyz location of piles in revit. I’m posting this hoping that anyone of you could help me solve this problem of mine. I’m having some trouble with the node FamilyInstance.Location. The first time I used it, it worked really fine. But somehow I noticed after Dynamo has updated its version, now it’s giving me this error message (see images below).

















































FamilyInstance.Location (Error Message)













Hope anyone knows how to solve this error and I would really appreciate if you could help me with a solution to this. Thanks!





Hello Ivan De Jesus,

Which version you were running and which is your current version.

Can you please share your Revit and Dynamo file if possible.



Hi Ritesh!

Nice to meet you here Ritesh! Hope you remember me, I also attend Phil’s Forum for Revit Training.

I remember using 0.7.1 when it was still working. And then the next update, it’s not working anymore.

Attached the Revit file and Dynamo file that I have created.

Would really appreciate you help.

Thanks bro!



Ivan’s Pile Coordinates 2-Havelock Road_01-Stru_Piles

Hey Ivan,

I’d recommend getting Andreas Dieckmann’s Clockwork for Dynamo package of nodes and giving the Element.Location node a try. This is from your file:



It works for both line based (walls beams) and point based(columns structural foundations) families. I think that the OOTB Dynamo node doesn’t handle most custom families.

Andreas Dieckmann‘s Clockwork for Dynamo package gets it done. Thanks for the clue, Dimitar Venkov.

See for the definition I made using it.

Screen Shot 12-03-14 at 05.20 PM


Thank you very much guys for your replies.

I would definitely try this one out.

But if there would be any other ideas for alternative ways or solution in dynamo to get the pile coordinates, please don’t hesitate to post a reply.




Here is a workflow shown twice(One shown with mostly nodes and one with mostly codeblocks) for not only extracting coordinates, but also lengthen the piles to a topo. Same procedure as above.

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