Writing Parameter values to an Excel file from a CLOSED family document

Hi all,

I posted this question some time ago, and I simply cannot figure out what I need to do to get this to work the first time. There are extremely strange situations where it will work (Like closing the Revit file, changing the list level of the Parameter.GetValue node, then rerunning), but permanently changing the list level to the one that worked does not solve the issue.
What I am trying to do is extract a whole bunch of parameter information from several closed family document files, by background opening them and writing the info to excel.
I am really out of ideas, if someone could help me with this I would really appreciate that. The only thing that is not exporting are the actual Parameter values, everything else exports fine.

I have attached the DYN file in the hopes that it will be helpful.
Thank you.Family Parameters Data Extraction 2.dyn (126.6 KB)

Instead of trying to background open them, why not load them into the active Revit project and report the values from there?

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Hi Jacob,

The idea was that these items aren’t suppose to be in the model, do you think it would be easier to load them all in and remove once the extraction is done?

I was thinking load them into an empty model, and work from there, as that type of reporting is straight forward. Loading and creating the instances is also quite simple to automate.

Thanks @jacob.small will try that.
Could you give me any direction on how to solve this error though?

I have tried putting in a transaction start and a transaction end node but that did not solve it?

Assuming that is one of the nodes from the Orchid package? Overall I don’t think you can resolve without writing a new version of that node.