Removing parameters in document (Orchid)



So i’m trying to open a family document, remove some parameters and then close and save the document. For some reason parameters are only being removed from 1 document instead of 2 and the file is not saving (because the remove parameter node is getting null for some reason)

Can someone help me fix my script ?


please upload you graph file and a sample family, so I can check it.


Here are the two families and the .dyn file i used.

_PIA_UN_Pomp_CB_BMG_test - kopie.rfa (2.2 MB)
_PIA_UN_Pomp_CB_BMG_test.rfa (2.2 MB)

SimpleTest.dyn (15.8 KB)


Thanks a lot for this feedback, this error was very important for me to get. I could of course have found it by myself, but I became apparently too lazy testing all cases.

The error as such is transaction as it writes. The error is a consequence of the discussion in this post.

Here @Konrad_K_Sobon and I argued about the transaction manager. After this discussion did I revise all my transactions in my entire package and tried to follow how it is meant to be used inside Dynamo. However, I did clearly not test my revised code in-depth.
Most important… it is my failure and not @Konrad_K_Sobon, I just didn’t think deeply enough how I had implemented the transactionmanager and why code was made as it was before my revisions.

I need to revise once again all the transactions I have. The first thing I need to do is to roll back the usage of the transaction manager to the sate before the discussion, and then upload that so you and others can continue.

I am so sorry for your inconvenience.

The Orchid package is updated --> current version is now and

Adding multiple Family types paramaters to multiple family files

Thank you for the quick reaction and the package update!

You have your hands full making nodes we use. So I understand that u cannot always test every node on every issue. I use a lot of the nodes so I’m glad I could be of a little help.