Export family parameter properties to Excel

Hi, This is my first post to the forum so hello all. I’ve been reading posts for some time and have found them very helpful. There are some very talented people here!

I’ve been looking at a graph to extract the properties from family parameters into an Excel file. I’ve used the nodes shown below

the FamilyDocument.Current & Family Document Parameters are from the Orchid package. The FamilyParameter.Properties is from the Clockwork package. Package versions are as shown below:


I’m running

The Orchid nodes work fine at extracting the parameters but when the data is fed into the Clockwork node I get null values for all properties. I’ve connected the list via a Flatten and have tried all three types of lacing but still get nulls.

I’ve also tried using the OOTB nodes to extract the parameters & taking 1 parameter from the list to connect to the Clockwork node.

Again this yields nulls when run.

I’ve attached copies of the Dynamo file and Family Document. It would be great if anyone has a solution/workaround for the issue I’m having.
Extract Multiple Family Parameter Properties to Excel_Forum.dyn (46.9 KB)
WN-Frame Circular Arch-5x3-Assembly.rfa (1.3 MB)


I think you try use DirootOne (Free) better Dynamo, It’s Amazing Plug-in

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Your Family

Hi @ross,

You could use the FamilyParameter.Properties node in conjunction with the FamilyDocument Parameters from the Genius Loci package.

Hi @Alban,

Many thanks for your suggestion. I tried the GeniusLoci nodes and got the same result. All the nodes I’m trying work except the FamilyParameter.Properties node. I’ve also tried this in Revit 2021 and got the same result, nulls output from the #Clockwork node.

I’ve tried installing the latest version of DynamoIronPython but this did not solve my issue either…

Hi @manhgt214 thanks for the plugin link, I’ll give it a go if I cannot get the Clockwork node to work

Try pulling apart the Properties node to run it in your graph directly and see what fails there.

EDIT: It looks like all the parameters are failing at SpecTypeId (line 35). That’s leftover from 2021 but has now been depricated. You can replace it with the updated method:


Hi @Nick_Boyts Many thanks for the suggestion. I pulled apart the custom node as suggested then changed line 35 to your suggestion then ran the graph again.

I got a few errors on the custom node contents, the furthest upstream was on the first Python node:

Node Name: Python Script
Package: Core.Scripting
Dynamo Version:
Host: Dynamo Revit
Messages: PythonEvaluator.Evaluate operation failed.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 29, in
AttributeError: ‘FamilyParameter’ object has no attribute ‘Definition’
State: Warning

The line of code reads


I only know the basic concepts of Python so have little idea of how to solve this, I tried deleting Definition in line 29, then got the same error on line 32. I’m guessing the Definition attribute needs to be replaced or removed but I’m not sure with what…

Try with the Genius Loci package again. It returns the correct object type.

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Hi @Nick_Boyts that worked perfectly, many thanks!

is this node still available?

I’m trying to export the different types of a family and their parameters to excel so that I can more easily see the differences between them all.


Should be. Have you looked for it?

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I looked again and found it.

I was looking in the family section and didn’t see it and nothing was coming up when I used the search term ‘parameter’. I noticed the parameter section of the package and it’s in there.

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Can you help me pinpoint what I’m missing? It’s not returning any info on the parameter selected.

You’ll have to pull apart that node to see what issues it’s having.

It looks like It’s having an issue on line 35 with getting the "GetSpecTypeId’. Any suggestions on dealing with this?

It would be helpful if you included all the inputs you’re using. Otherwise we’re just guessing blindly.

I am selecting an element from Revit and isolating a parameter → Autodesk.Revit.DB.FamilyParameter

And the Version is correct? What version of Revit are you in?
I mentioned the issue with GetSpecTypeId() earlier in the thread.

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Sorry for overlooking that. I read that, but then got lost in trying to figure out my stuff that I forgot about that. That solved the issue, thanks!

It’s still not exporting the info that is typed in for that parameter? There is the type parameter and it’s showing it’s a double, but not what is entered. Should I use another node to get that info? Similar to using a get name node?

Correct. This is only giving the family parameter information. The value would be based on the type or instance.