Create family "type name" and add parameters value for each type name from excel

Hi everyone,
i need your help, i’m trying to create a family with 103 diferents “type name” from excel, inside i have 3 parameters which are diferent from each “type name” (read from excel too).
i have succeeded to create all of the types name but i don’t know how to change parameters value in each type name,
have you any proposal to do this ? Here is the script i’ve done to create the Type name. Thanks

I think something like this should work.

Hi Julien,
thanks for your help but your solution don’t work. Nothing in the dimensions of my family have changed…

Im not overly familiar with using this within the family editor, but don’t you still need to feed the element into the final “SetParameter” node?

i think so, but i don’t know what i have to put in input.

Hi romain,
I looked deeply on your .dyn and there were several thing that did not work.
I queekly made something that works well.
here find a capture of what I did.
I also send you a link where you will find my example (Révit 2018)
You can check that the .dyn works by changing the parameters on the Excel
Hope It will help


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thanks Julien, i can’t find the node “FamilyDocument.Createfamilytype”, is it a package ? When i’m opening your .dyn file, my computer said me that the file is corrupt

thank you :slight_smile:

I downloaded this script, but it is missing functional nodes … how can I fix this please?

Thank you