Working with lists

I want my code to be as clean as possible and therefore made option 2 as below, but is it the same as option 1?
I can’t check it with a watchnode as it mentions: UI.IntegerSlider input, but there seems to be a difference.

Why not use the Dynamo OOTB slider? Or is this for Data Shapes?
Do you want three different sliders in the end?

but there seems to be a difference.

In what?

Yes, it’s input for datashapes.

When I exchange the code in the red box, the tool doesn’t work anymore

Yeah this should work the same

How does it not work the same? Can you show what the datashapes output looks like before, for option 1 and after with option 2?

It looks like it could be an issue with how you pass your inputs into the following nodes (circled in green).

Try setting that node to lacing longest, or repeat the title string included in the codeblock 3 times also.

It does seem to be a list problem:

You have 6 inputs into your MultipleInputForm.

You need to narrow down which one is the cause of this issue.

I’d recommend doing some debugging, plugging in 1 input at a time into the MultipleInputForm until you get this error.

Once you have this you can narrow down the cause of this issue.

Well I didn’t change the rest of the code, but after removing the other 5 inputs I still get this warning.
I guess that the UI.slider can’t handle multiple inputs.
My knowledge of Python is limited.

For some reason, minimum and maximum dont need repeating in the list:

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Great!..thanks for your help.