Data-Shapes MultipleInput Form Query

Hi there,

I was going to create a user interface form with drop down list, radio buttons, etc. using this MultipleInputForm++ but I checked my script multiple times and still could not figure out where the problem is. I have also referred to previous posts related to this issue and some were suggesting to install an older version of the package… Just before I hop into this final resolve I was hoping to ask if my way of creating the script for the UI is acceptable, or are there other ways to solve this problem? Many thanks.

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Your drop-down data is not wired properly for your wall families. Your sequence should be in values

Okay thanks for that, still a novice here… Could I ask for a suggestion on how to create a drop down list showing families of a category e.g. external, internal walls? I was hoping to create something like below but the UI.MultipleInputForm node shown in the picture (from DataShapes website) is different from the current package.

Also, may I know what you mean by sequence being in values? Thanks!

Hello @efyst2 :slight_smile:

Do you see that some of your nodes are light grey and the others are dark grey? Light grey means there is nothing connected to your node, or in your case, the inputs that are necessary for the node are not connected! Thats a very important thing to know when using dynamo. Light grey nodes can not run.

These nodes in your graph have 2 inputs that they really need to run. Keys and Values. You dont give values to the UI, so what should it do :grinning:

Tip: Values can be Elements ,for example walls.
The values are the things that will be passed by the UI if the user selects their keys.


That’s a very… very old version :slight_smile:
You need to get all the elements that you want your user to see in a list

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