With Win10 my Dynamo "Background Preview" is blank

If your Win10 workstation contains a graphics card that used to work with Dynamo running Win7 or 8 and you experience an inability to render graphics you may wish to consult:


for a work-around. We are working to resolve this issue.


I had this issue of “Background Preview” not showing. I ran into it on my machine that was running both a CPU graphics and CUDA Enabled Nvidia card.

After removing and reinstalling all drivers I came up two solutions.

The quick fix was to disable the Nvidia GPU and then Re enable. Once done it would work. Problem here was I had to do it every time I restarted or my computer went to sleep. Functional but annoying.

After spending the past month digging through options, I found an additional update to the GPU, it was a separate update to the Driver as part of CUDA (why there is a separate update is beyond me) Once I installed this it works again.

The CUDA update may not have been the direct fix, it may have reset some other item in the process, but it worked.

This was happening to me too - going to my NVIDIA control panel and explicitly setting Dynamo to use the “high performance NVIDIA processor” fixed the issue.

I tried that solution as well - sadly it didn’t fix it for me.

This works partially to me. Even doing it my 3D workspace disappear when dynamo is processing some geometry modification. This often happens. I solve this resizing my workspace, collecting and then showing the Library panel. But it is very annoying to do that every time.

I am experiencing the same problem, but am using Win7 instead. It’s a Inspiron 5000 with Radeon M265, updated with latest drivers. I just cannot see anything in 3D, nor grid or geometry…

Is there any workaround for this issue?

Thanks in advance.