Why representation is not on the Element when using Select Edge or Select Face in Dynamo

Not sure if this is a Dynamo issue or Revit/Revit Family issue. When I use Select Edge and/or Select Face in Dynamo the representing line and/or surface is not anywhere near the actual element selected. My only work around has been using pickpoints to define edges and surfaces, however these are not very accurate. Hoping someone has come across this issue and found a resolution. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I can only guess, as we’d need the file to figure this out for sure, but it may be something with a link and transform coordinates. Can you delete everything from the project but one wall (delete all model elements, views, purge the file 3x, etc.) and post the rvt for us to have a look?

Apologies. I should have already done this. This is 2018 Revit format.
Thanks for your help!

Select Edge or Face Issue.rvt (1.5 MB)

It’s a strange one, although Select Face or Select Edge is incorrect, Element.Geometry shows the geometry in the correct position, so you could drill down into that to get the desired edges.

I think it may be to do with the Work Plane for the instance being <not associated> because if I place a new instance it behaves as you would expect. Copying the original instance produces an instance without an associated Work Plane and the same behaviour.

However, when you place another instance of the family, the result of Select Edge appears in the correct position, along with Element.Geometry

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I will probably have to go with the work plane association. The selection has to be a specific face and it would be rather difficult to try and weed out the correct face. We also have some pretty ornate elements and sometimes with the Element.Goemetry node, we encounter the Trim Edge With Loops error. And so far, I have not found a solution for that.

Thanks for your help Thomas! Much appreciated!

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