Select an element problem

Hi again :smiley:

my issue is when i select a topography using (select model elemet) node it shows an extra parts that i dont want as shown in attached images …

many thanks

I noticed that to a while ago… Super weird… it seems like it’s just an issue with the display of the mesh.
If you turn the mesh to a polysurface (using springnodes for example …) you’ll see that it’s actually correct.

Maybe @Zach_Kron @Michael_Kirschner can help us understand better

@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi thanks for your reply …

yes i am intend to turn this mesh to polysurface …

when i run dynamo with this my PC hangs, i don’t know why (Small project)!!!

I’ve commented on this in this github issue:

Seems like the devs have come up with something clever to address this issue.

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@jostein_olsen thanks bro, it was a units issue!