Where to start w Dynamo Player

Hi there…
We are preparing to release graphs to our team via Dyn Player. I wonder if anyone has suggestions for timesaving/lifechanging graphs to set up.

I have managed to create some great graphs for setting parameters, adjusting wall heights & creating views based on rooms. Many of these have come from reading through the forum & blog posts.

Just wonder if anyone has some great ideas for graphs your users tend to run on a daily basis? Are there any Dyns which you could not live without?
Happy to develop graphs myself… just looking for some ideas to work on.

Some of my current work in development includes:

  • schedule of elements in use to create legends on sheets
  • copy type mark to type name as prefix (esp for wall, window & door types)
  • schedule wall layers
  • create key schedules based on excel file (esp for window sch & door hardware sch)

I see Dynamo as a really useful tool for those mundane everyday tasks. I’d like my team to see the value too.

Any links or tips would be greatly appreciated!

The one big thing to take into account is the use of the datashapes package to make a UI. Other than that, you and your co-workers know your business needs better than anyone else. Ask ‘what is the most time consuming issue that you wish you could finish faster?’ Put that list together and go after low hanging fruit first. :smiley:


i’d say creating sheets from excel and layout of the views on those sheets.
But if you can have your team understand that the logic of your script depends on them being willing to fill out those parameters, you would make an even bigger step, consistancy makes the dynamo world turn

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Wow that was quick!
Thanks guys.

Consistency makes the programming world turn. :wink:

You can do more complicated tasks with it, but it is true that it’s biggest use is probably is letting it fill out excel files and doing a lot of simple calculations. But then with speeds that our mere mortal forms could never keep up with.

This has gotten to a point for me where I can occasionally create Dynamo graphs in a shorter amount of time than it would take to do a task a single time. So creating a graph in half an hour that can save an hour of work dozens of times.

I’d also like to ask you to mark a comment as a solution if you feel like it solved your problem (even if that might be a little abstract in this case) and maybe consider giving a like here and there.