My wish list for the new Dynamo version

First of all, I love Dynamo and what you have been doing is great, Dynamo staffs.
I don’t want you to get below as complaints.

  1. Enable to edit profiles of elements.
    As far as I know, it’s not open even on API… But it will be really useful if it’s possible. It will be even better if I can replace profiles instead of whole elements of floors or walls.

  2. Labeling for Input & Output nodes.
    Sometimes it’s tricky to find input nodes from a large Dynamo graph even it’s been created by myself. It will be even better if I can see them with unique colors or somthing. (now i can see clealy only nodes with errors as yellowed). And if possible, input order which shows at Dynamo-Player also needed to be shown at the graph.

  3. Make it easy to swich the order of inputs on Dynamo-player.
    I have to use copy&paste for now, and I feel uncomfortable.

  4. Make it easy to recognize on the list in Dynamo-Player if a code has no inputs.
    Sometimes I realize it after click-in.

Hope it helps you for the next Dynamo version.

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Hi @Hyunu_Kim ,

The “Beyond Dynamo” package has some features already for item 2 and 3 :slight_smile:


@Daan Thanks for the notice. :smile:
But even if a fuction can be found from pacakges, it doesn’t mean that it’s not necessary as the original one.

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First a few goodies/responses…

  1. You’re right about not everything being exposed via the API. For what is exposed this may help: Sketch Lines - Edit, Copy, Paste - #20 by jacob.small. I do thing that there should be some out of the box nodes added for this.

  2. Grouping inputs is the generally accepted convention for the first part. You can also use the TuneUp view extension to ‘go to’ a given node. External input order will certainly help, but isn’t tracked anywhere I know just yet.

  3. The order is under review already. Hopefully we’ll have some good news in the near future. :slight_smile:

  4. This is a bit harder as it would require opening all graphs to ID the lack of input. With Dynamo that is not a trivial task as you know; even with a text editor that could be cumbersome. Would the delay in opening a new folder be worth it?

Not all great news/insight, but hopefully some things put a bit of a smile on your face. :slight_smile:

For the rest, the Dynamo development team has a public facing wishlist, here: GitHub - DynamoDS/DynamoWishlist: This is a repository for all wishlist items for Dynamo Core.

Any time you have an idea on something which could make an aspect of Dynamo better you can post a new ‘issue’ there. The team reviews these periodically and slots stuff into the relevant work-plans as applicable/possible. :slight_smile: