Script Idea Think Tank

Hello all,

I have not seen a post where people can share their ideas or thoughts on how they are/want to using dynamo. This could be a good think tank thread to see what others have done or plan to do. I have heard some people have developed close to one hundred scrips for day to day use. My list contains about 25. Please feel free to add on.

Attempt to make things found in my list and other who post later and ask question in a new post as needed. I would like to keep the discussion in this thread to growing the ideas of what dynamo can do.

  1. Add or Remove Revisions on Sheets
  2. All Annotation of Type
  3. Apply Filter to all views
  4. Area Name to Room
  5. Category On or Off
  6. Detail Links
  7. Find Duplicate Parking Spaces
  8. Duplicate Sheet
  9. Export Revised Sheets to DWG’s
  10. Find DWG Imports
  11. Number Parking by Line
  12. Number Rooms by Line
  13. Print Set From Excel
  14. Revision Cloud Exporter
  15. Set Fire Rated Door’s Self Closing and Gasketing to yes
  16. Door and Wall Both Rated
  17. Elevate Curtain Walls
  18. No Plot Lines and No Text on/off
  19. View Tracker (as projects develop)
  20. Window to wall Ratio
  21. Number Doors by Room
  22. Dependent View Copy
  23. Auto View Number Based on Sheet Location
  24. Model Health

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There is a difference between discussing how Dynamo can be developed or used and posting a list of nodes/definitions you’d like available. The problem with the latter is that you are not showing any effort to develop these scripts yourself. Most of these things are already possible and have, in fact, already been posted and even solved on this forum.

If you would like help developing some of these process then you need to search the forum, see what’s available and what’s been done already, and make an attempt yourself. If you run into any trouble along the way you can make a post describing what you’ve done and I’m sure many of us would be glad to help.


I have already developed most of those myself (with some help from this form). I was trying top post some inspiration and ideas of what dynamo can do. I would like to develop more scrips but I am having a hard time thinking of everyday workflows that could help. I thought it would be nice if people shared scrips Ideas of how they are using Dynamo to speed up everyday tasks and help preform QA/QC check on their models.

My intention of this post was not to see any graphs but rather talk about how people are using Dynamo. This is why I posted this in the shearing section. People can come here see Dynamos potential and then try making some scrips themselves.

Then I misunderstood, I apologize.

Your initial post is a little confusing because you also mention posting about how you might want to use Dynamo as well as attempts at writing scripts to do some of these things. Even though you mean for this to be a thread about sharing inspiration some users may not use it that way if you aren’t perfectly clear with your intent.

It might also be helpful to categorize the scripts you have so that users can get a better idea of what’s available. An MEP Engineer could quickly see that you have scripts for creating and managing Spaces, while an Architect could look at everything you have on Area/Room Plans and Curtain Panel details. Most users will either be looking for something specific or something within a certain category/discipline. Being able to identify those categories would be very helpful. And of course you could have a section for general project stuff that’s beneficial to everybody.

Just my two cents…

Great Idea Steven, I literally just searched the forum for the keyword “idea” as I feel like I’m getting to a point of diminishing returns with creating new content. There’s some interesting ideas on your list which I’ll investigate.

Some of the favorites from my library (not necessarily my own ideas, so credit to those who may have contributed)

Model management

  • Delete un-named reference planes from model
  • Delete views which are not on sheets (i.e. unused views)
  • Export list of sheets and revisions to CSV (we then copy them into our document transmittal)
  • Auto re-numbering of sheets - invaluable for big sheet sets
  • change all sheets to latest revision number
  • Clear revision clouds from sheets, but force the sheet revision number to stay the same (as opposed to Revit dropping back to previous revision if revision clouds are removed or hidden on a particular sheet)
  • Revit file upgrader - runs through our library, opens each family, upgrades to current Revit version, saves & closes - perfect for new Revit version rollout each year (this used to be possible with an Autodesk add-in)


  • Linked model structural converter - grabs structural elements from a linked Revit model and copies them to the current model. Kind of like copy monitor without the monitor, and much easier to use. Also converts windows and doors to generic window and door instances.

Wish List

  • Removed “painted” materials from all surfaces in the model.

Happy Dynamo-ing