What are your best uses of Dynamo?

Hello all,

I work at firm that specialises in concrete structures and i am the first employee who has been spending some time on Dynamo.
The first script i made was well received, it was an automated PDF printing and renaming script based on Konrad’s script.
Because of this they want me to continue implementing Dynamo.

I was wondering what the most time saving implementations are for you/your company while using Dynamo.

Creating hundreds of sheets from excel and populating them with views.

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Think “What do I do on every project? What is long and/or repetitive? What already follows a standard set of rules?” You’re going to save the most time with the everyday mundane tasks. Once you get the big picture stuff working you can focus on the “cool” tasks that are going to be much more complicated.

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This is a good starting point list.

Yeah that’s exactly the way im trying to approach this…

I think one of the most time consuming and repetitive things i do is placing voids over wall sleeves.
Our walls have an average of 50 pipes passing through so it takes an enormous amount of time, not to mention it is incredibly sensitive to human error…

As example:

This is probably the first thing i want to create, i would like to be able to do a clash control on my piping and walls and insert a void family on the coordinates from the clash control.

Another time consuming process might be 2D rebar detailing.
We make views for concrete walls and draw rebar on the walls for all the openings in it. I feel like Dynamo could easily be used to find the openings in a wall and place the detail items on a preset distance from the opening…


Learn Dynamo Website has something for cutting voids

Those are both great options though maybe just a little outside the comfort of a beginner. Generally I would suggest starting out with the tasks that everybody does - sheets, views, scope boxes, naming conventions, etc. However, there are plenty of examples already on here for automating sleeves/penetrations and rebar detailing, so you may not have too hard of a time with it.
It all depends on how comfortable you are with the basics already.

This looks very usefull, thanks!

I am going to check if this works for sleeves with flanges:

The blue pipe is a puddle flange i think (language barrier…)
I need to place a family that cuts the pipe and flange together like the family below the pipe.

Thats good to hear!
I thought these two might be a little dificult to start but i feel like it’s the best way to learn.

My first script was to automatically print and rename all selected sheets which wasnt very easy either. And as you mentioned there are lots of examples to use so i think i’ll be fine, besides the community is very helpfull as long as you show you are trying this yourself instead of getting someone else to make it for you :slight_smile:

Thanks thats a good list!