DynaHub is out!

Hi everyone!

I just published the Dynamo extension I worked on in the last couple of weeks!

It is called DynaHub and it connects Dynamo to GitHub, enabling the user to interact with a repository where the user stores his/her dynamo graphs.

You can download the extension from the Package Manager, searching for DynaHub, or you can have a look at the repo that I just made public here https://github.com/ridleyco/DynaHub

I would love to hear some feedback, ideas, criticism or willing to collaborate from you all.

Thanks for reading this.

Merry Christmas!



Hi @ATassera, Dynahub is amazing. One thing is how to keep track the changes or modification to these graphs. Can you help me to understand this?

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Hi @jean ! I’m glad you like it!!
That is a very good question that unfortunately I haven’t answered just yet! In the past couple of weeks I focused on a working proof of concept.
The use case I had in mind was to facilitate my colleagues’ life in finding the dynamo graphs that I develop for them and making sure they were always using the latest version of the graph and not some old faulty local version.
In this use case, the user ideally didn’t need to do any permanent modification to the graph but they only needed to use it and that’s it. This is the reason why the graphs get downloaded locally on your machine and they get automatically deleted once you close dynamo, so DynaHub doesn’t trash your machine.
One of the next steps is actually allowing the users to make their changes to the graphs and proposing a modification to the “official” one in case they think it is worth it. Then it’s going to be GitHub taking care of keeping track of the changes.
Apart from the technical challenges, I’ll have to work out what is the best way to do that in theory. I’d be very happy to hear your inputs on this!

Thanks @ATassera for your explanation, sound like a warmly welcome for us, and contributions are around the corner. :slightly_smiling_face: :hugs:

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Cool! Definitely going to check it out.

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