When the adaptive component is not adaptive

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When I put my adaptive component into a mass file, its content does not adapt with the new reference points’ positions and then with the outline curve?


The adaptive component is built with an adaptive component instance (the tube on the image) but I have the same problem with simple lines. Does it exist a way to ‘update’ the file?



the adaptive component :


the mass file :


the dynamo nodes for adaptive component :


thanks you!

I have created hosted points with the "reference point at length" node. It works fine but when i put the AC by xyz's, dynamo generates adaptive points at the same place as reference ones but they aren't hosted on the curve. So always the same problem!

I guess i have to use the AC by parameters and curve but i have some trouble to deal with parameters. I think If i want to place the AC on the whole 40 lines, I must give to the normalized segment length of the line, 0 and 1 values. Why doesn't it work?

Any idea?

thanks you

use Reference Point at Length and Reference Point on Edge

Indeed, it works now! thanks you!

On the other hand, hosted manually all the reference points on the curve takes a while especially dealing with a lot of them. Is there any way of making this quicker? Can I create array of points automatically hosted on a curve with dynamo?

I'm going to guess that all the spoke ends of your geometry are not actually hosted on the "wheel" encircling them, but they are simply coincident in the authoring environment. You will need to select the end points of the spokes and hit "Pick New Host" and make sure you snap to the curve you want to host the points on.