Adaptive Components inside a Mass are Read-Only

Good morning all,

i created a simple mass from where I’ve divided a surface. I then attache a simple Adaptive Components to the first 2 nodes then use the repeater to apply across the surface. Works great of course.

In that Adaptive Family i have 5 parameters that i would like to access using Dynamo(to be able to randomize them). Unfortunately those parameters are Read-Only from the project environment and it’s built on an InPlace family.


Of course we run from the Massing Family it all works fine. Does anybody know a way to be able to make it work from within the Project environment?


As far as I know it’s not possible because of API limitations. I have completely stopped using CW panels and ACs inside masses for that reason and do all my paneling directly via Dynamo now so I can better interact with the panels / ACs in subsequent workflows.

Of course another sound advice from Andreas. Here’s my chain of thoughts

  1. Select a face of the wall to align to use a the basic
  2. Extract all 4 corners and offset the X distance to give it a space between the wall
  3. Create to lines (Bottom & Top) to create points to attach the Adaptive Components
  4. Divide those lines
  5. Attach an Adaptive Components to each points(Bottom & Top)
All works fine up to the point where i need to attach the AC. I can extract both list (Bottom & Top). I cannot find a way to attach those by saying List 1 is the Bottom and List 2 is the top.

I’ve attached the definition, please feel free to tell me how may extra steps i used ahahahah

Bamboo Wall

Hi Daneil,

Your AC requires two points? If so, you can use “List.Transpose”:



Try replacing the PC node with an “AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints” node.

Thanks Dimitar,

after the Curve.Divide.Equally i get Curve where i actually need points. I was under the impression that dividing it would actually return points and not curves. So the list transpose works great but it’s still curves.

Any idea where i went wrong?

I don’t thin you went wrong anywhere in particular, you’re just not using the right tool for the task :slight_smile:

Try replacing the “Curve.DivideEqually” with “Curve.PointAtParameter” and see if that helps.