Adaptive Component Problem

Hi all,

When I select an adaptive component in Revit and create a curve in Dynamo from it, the geometry in Dynamo is not correct.

In the simple example below I’ve created an Adaptive Component family consisting of two points and a line between them and inserted the family in a conceptual mass in Revit.

When I select the elements in Dynamo and create element curves from them, the curves are in wrong positions. When I look at the Adaptive Components Location Points they are in the correct place. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?








Best regards,

Hello Rolf Spandet Karstensen,

Can you please provide below information.

  1. Build Number.

  2. Your Adaptive Component file.

I am trying at my end and it seems to be working as expected.




Please see the screencast I’ve made of the problem. I’ve found that when using the action/geometry node I get the result that I want, but the Query/Curve is wrong. I’ve also attached the adaptive component I’m using.