When I use dynamo player it is very very slow

when I use dynamo player it is very slow to edit input but when I run , It is quickly
I use Civil3d 2022.2

Assuming you are talking about Dynamo Player in Revit? What version of Revit are you using? What kind of input are you editing - something that requires selection?

@LilliSmith @jacob.small I use dynamo player in civil 3d 2022.2 but there is not relationship between the input data because when I use very small example with one input (any input) without output, it takes more time to show input . I don’t know what is the wrong . but after input data when i click run script it don’t take more time to finish (quick)

Looks like this is Civil 3d.

Note that Dynamo player has to spin up an instance of the Dynamo in the background, open the graph, and find the input/output values. The inclusion of element binding in the .dyn can slow that process down a good bit, and larger more complex graphs will take longer to open in general. Simplify where you can, and keep Dynamo Player open for repeated use cases to reduce loading time.