Dynamo Player Very slow compared to Dynamo

For some reason, a script that runs very smoothly and quickly in dynamo runs painfully slow in dynamo player. Any ideas why this is? Thanks.

Check for element bindings as they are a common cause. Also, some custom nodes can take a bit to load up, and Dynamo player isn’t just running the graph, but opening it too. Check the run time after modifying inputs vs the runtime when you don’t.

what are element bindings?

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Ok. Thanks for the replies. I’m not sure why though. There are no custom nodes. It’s the most basic graph possible: it takes a line, divides by a set number, and places family instances at each point. See attached graph.

Sounds like a bindings issue. Basically everything which is written into Revit is stored in the dyn so you can update them later. To do so they have to serialize information about the model and the elements into a format that fits inside the json/xml structure. When you run it again Dynamo has to deserialize the data which means it has to read all the text, convert it to Revit speak, and then find those elements in the model. This can take awhile, and the more elements you create the longer it takes to pull out.

If you Post the dyn I’ll check on the bindings real quick.

You can try using Dyno to run your graphs instead of Dynamo Player. I find that it runs them much faster. This is because Dyno loads all of the resources for Dynamo when you open the project rather than loading the resources each time you run a graph from the player.

@JacobSmall I appreciate the info. Here is a download of the dyn file:

The link is already expired. Can you post something more permanent (direct to the forum works)?

@JacobSmall the forum won’t let me upload files as a new user. I’ll try a Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nn_D5KtnmFVajKOnKUymNLSXglAZv0PT


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Are you running the scripts on a model hosted on the network. Testing a script on my local workstation and then deploying it the production model take different amounts of time in my experience. Probably twice as long or longer.

Definitely an element binding issue. Here is a quick screenshot of the smoking gun that was taken from my phone:

See the post I linked above for info on how to remove it, and feel free to vote for my AU class if you would like to see this elaborated on (in a less dense, technical, rambling way). Search for ‘Getting the Good Stuff out of Pandora’s Box’ here to do so: https://www.autodesk.com/autodesk-university/conference/las-vegas/call-for-proposals/voting

I have the same problem, If I run my graph it took 2 minutes to run.
Could you also like to my graph?


Check the post linked above on element binding. If your problem is element binding at play (as was the case here) than than the solution is likely in that post.

But, how can i check if the problem if element binding?

Did you read this post?

Yes, I did read it. My script is made of Dynamo nodes and Python nodes. But I don’t get how I could sheck the problem.

  1. Do a save as in your graph.
  2. Open the graph in a text editor as stated in that thread.
  3. Scroll to the bindings section.
  4. delete any illegible words from the between their wrapper (square or curly brackets).

If you’re still unsure and are willing for me to use your graph in a how-to video upload the graph here and send me a PM with your email.

I will try, if I don’t get it. I will message you.

Thanks in advance!

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