After using Dynamo Player, Dynamo works extremely slow

Hello guys,

I am using Dynamo 2.0.3 on Revit 2019.2. IT has updated the operation system from Win7 to Win10. After that when I run Dynamo player and than swtich to Dynamo, search is extremely slow. I have to close Revit and Dynamo and restart.

Why is it like that?

Thank you very much!

On Dynamo 2.2.6 with Revit 2020 same problem! Anyone know why is that so? It drives me totally crazy!!!

Hi @Deniz_Maral can you share as much information as possible about the machine that reproduces this - what other addins do you have installed, what analytics settings in Dynamo and Revit, what about others in your office with a similar setup - all of these are important.

We’ve had other reports of this same problem, but have never been able to reproduce it - so theres some missing information for sure on our end.

Thank you very much for reply Michael. I uninstalled the BumbleBee and LadyBug packages and it seems to work better. I am not sure, I will let you know if it works slower again.