Dynamo Player without inputs & outputs runs slow

I am wondering if anyone has run into this before.
We used to run all of our graphs by clicking on the inputs icon in the dynamo player. The inputs would load, we would make some selections, and then press play. The player would run and then there would sometimes be a report in the form of a watch output.
But the selections were limited and we were forced to refresh the player after each run in order to make the model work with less lag.
So we came up with a solution - Data-shapes!
With this package, we were able to update all of our graphs with a much better user interface and remove all of the inputs and outputs from the player. The theory was that if the dynamo player didn’t have any inputs or outputs, then it wouldn’t be forced to remember them either - meaning, you should not have to refresh the inputs section of the player, because you weren’t even using it! Now we only refresh the part of the player that displays all of the graphs.
The problem is that the behavior of our models is acting like the player still needs to be refreshed in order to run like they were before running dynamo. So we are not sure what is going on here. I’ve heard of element binding issues, but that they shouldn’t exist if you are using the dynamo player. Am I wrong about this. Any help would be appreciated.

Element Binding in Revit

Hopefully we can get a solid solution; trying to narrow things down.

  1. Element Binding - a few of our graphs did have a bindings section. Probably from dimensioning elements outside of the player while testing. We cleared those sections in the brackets out. We have yet to see if there are any significant benefits from this.

  2. Saving & Syncing - does not seem to help.

  3. Watch Nodes - I wonder if the watch node is stealing ram. None of them are linked to output, but maybe they are still storing information? An opinion on this would be great before deleting them all. They do help if we need to check for errors if the graph did not run properly.

  4. Last Graph Used - this seems to be a major part of the issue. The last graph used stays loaded and makes things like deleting new dimensions or moving them super laggy. The current solution is to run a “Refresh” Graph from the player. It has a single node that allows us to clear out the last graph that was still doing whatever it was doing (who knows?) in the background. This seems like a patch though - I don’t think it is really getting at the heart of the issue.