Revit 2017.1 Dynamo player

Hey Guys,

Just thought I’d share this with you: I saw a new update available for Revit 2017: Revit 2017.1 and it comes with a new Dynamo Player button on the ribbon. Looks very interesting, I’m installing as we speak and gonna try it out.


Hi @T_Pover

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:.

@T_Pover @Thomas_Mahon Here are some more ehancements in Revit 2017.1


Hehe, that’s the same site I got the link to the youtube clip from :slight_smile:
I did a little testrun with the Dynamo Player, it does what it promises: running your scripts as they are. For someone who hadn’t dived into Dyno yet this is pretty useful.

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Thank You for sharing!!!

possibility for any user inputs here?

Nope, it’s just running the graph as is.

Thys dynamo player would be a improve speed in charge geometry create with dynamo?Or is just something that can charge a dynamo definition in a easy way?

I don’t think the graph will run any faster. The startup time is a lot faster though as you don’t have to start Dynamo and open the definition.

Awesome…for running scripts where no manual selection is required.
Just used this with a script where two splines are supposed to be selected and now it hangs :wink:
Nevertheless…awesome piece of additional functionality to Dynamo / Revit.

Any chance we will get that player for 2016 as well?

with nodes that use the pickobject(s) method, you can perform your element selection even when playing the script through dynamo player . Here’s an example with rhythm’s “pick model elements” :


Looks really Interesting

Did you see @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi comment? pickobjects can still work with Dynamo Player :slight_smile:

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Haha! Nice find! Yes, the Revit team is looking at input methods, but starting simple. Really interesting to see this discovery.


@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi nice find!!

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Nice find! even if it seems that the script took a “long” time to load. Is that because it prepares an input? or is it just dynamo loading in the backgroud?

It runs much faster when I’m not recording a gif :slight_smile:

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Haha of course, sorry I didn’t think about that. Still have to try the player btw

Any chance it could read a master folder structure? So we can keep routines organized?