Teaching Dynamo

Hi All, I have to teach my colleagues Dynamo. I’ve been using it a while.

I have an introduction PPT based on the Dynamo Primer but I need some workflows to create together with my students.

I rarely use Dynamo at work and am struggling to think of common workflows?

Can anyone suggest some good workflows to make or good buildings to copy?

Thanks in advance

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At what level are your colleagues in both Revit and Dynamo, and what is the intended use of Dynamo in your organization? :slight_smile:

They are all good at Revit. They know a little bit of Dynamo that I have already shown them such as the Ui basics.

We are wanting to make more use of Dynamo to automate workflows.

We work a lot with existing buildings. So mainly just after some ideas for potential uses.

i would suggest get and set parameters
then add excel in this proces
a lot of questions on the forum are about excel linking and you get the chance to teach some basic database stuff


I see, good thing to know that the scope would be Revit related Dynamo and not (Alias, Grasshopper, Solibri, Naviswork, Robot, Geometric etc) related uses :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I’m allowed to share the content, but we have had some Dynamo related projects at DTU (Technical University of Denmark) exactly for teaching Dynamo for Revit in the “startup phases”.

I’ll let @erfajo distribute if he sees fit, as the material is his :slight_smile:


The material shipped with Dynamo is learning users the core essence of Dynamo. I think this material is a starting point. At DTU we add to this with some other very simple assignments, but they are really in the same ball game as the OOTB material.

The next level is tailor-made and I try to dose it on an individual level to those students who find VPL interesting. However, very fast am I turning towards coding in Python and for some very few also Csharp, but always driven by the student. If they want more, then I give them more.

I think that the best way to disseminate knowledge beyond the bare minimum to pass the lowest bar is to push just one small step further every day and see if it is being handled. And the lowest bar is really low and kept on the OOTB material level.

But, try to write me a private message, and let me see if I can help you.


I recommend teaching them in sandbox before you jump to Revit connections. If they don’t understand those concepts they will struggle with the Revit stuff.

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