Your favourite Dynamo scripts

Question for everyone!

What do your top 3 favourite Dynamo scripts do?
What’s top of your wish list (a script you wish you had, but don’t)

My top 3, in no particular order, are:
duplicate sheets (I know later versions of Revit now do this)
Dynamo moose >>
And one to measure brick dimensions…

One I wish I had is “do ALL my work for me” :laughing:

Right, let’s hear yours :slight_smile:

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my favorite is
ElementViews by @Dieter_Vermeulen
I use it for documenting all my prefabricated elements like Doors and Windows.
I am a fan of @Karam_Baki 's stuff also


My favourite was a script that I made to create crop and rotate views for either unique or all apartments then create sheets with selected titleblocks and place those views there. It was also creating and placing a legend showing where in the project is found the type of each shown apartment.

Additionally it was assigning multiple shared parameters that were connected to the titleblocks and sheets.
It was detecting which apartments are unique based on group name, mirrored status and if they are next to a balcony.
I have transfered it to pyRevit now so I no longer have use for the Dynamo script, but I spent a whole lot of time to get it to work properly and it was a very practical time saver.

Another interesting one was a Dynamo script that was used to calculate speed. It was for a facility where people slide down harnessed on a curved sloped pipe. The script was calculating the speed based on the weight and was placing families at equal intervals down the pipe (made with adaptive components) those families where overriden to show green when the speed is ok and gradually go to red when it’s not. They also had parameters assigned that showed the speed and the time from the start at each placement point.