Weather Data not found in Dynamo 2.5 update for 2021

Hello all,
It seems as though Dynamo 2.5 for Revit 2021 is running into an issue retrieving the weather data from Revit. I am trying to run a generative script for calculating interior daylight. I tried do the same script in 2020 and everything was fine.

Please see attached images for reference.

Hello @gtears, welcome to the community! Sorry to see that you’re running into trouble with these nodes.

@Minjie_Wang or @ziyun.shang do you have any thoughts here?

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Thanks, Let me know if there is anything I can do to help your troubleshooting.

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Hello, @solamour and thank you for helping Geoffrey out.

We would like to send you the DYN and the RVT files. What is the best way to do that? I could add you to the BIM 360 project? or email you a link?

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Hi @gtears , where the ‘weather’ nodes come from? This may be due to RevitAPI changes in 2020 and 2021, I think…

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That is what I was thinking. These weather nodes “Analyze” package. Because they do work in previous versions.
We currently looking for the best route for solar analysis in Dynamo, any recommendations / insights would be appreciated.


Hi, I just try your script, it seems weather nodes works well. But the “.wea” file may have some problem.

  1. I just use weather nodes here:

  2. Then I try to run your script:

I used Revit 2021.1 and Dynamo 2.5.2.


@ziyun.shang @solamour Thank you for your assistance. On a similarly related topic: Do you all have any recommendations for solar and lighting analysis in Dynamo? Or is there anything being developed by yourselves at Autodesk? We are ultimately attempting to utilize solar data for a generative design process but have been hitting a few walls.


@ziyun.shang @solamour

You were using Revit 2021.1Dynamo 2.5.2, but the version I am running into issues with is 2.5
If I am researching correctly, is it true that I can not actually get Dynamo 2.52 for Revit until Autodesk releases a new Revit Update? I can no longer update the version from the

If this true, When do you think that update will get to consumers for use?

Hello Geoff,

All Dynamo versions are now expressed natively inside of Revit - so you upgrade the Dynamo version when you upgrade Revit (For a yearly release, or point release).

And 2021.1 has not been released yet, correct?

Correct! Unfortunately I cannot give you a date for this (But historical point releases should give you an indication here)


Hahaha! Thank you for and your teams continued support,
be well.



@solamour @ziyun.shang

Good day,
I am reaching back out to you all in regards to the issues that I was running into with the solar analysis nodes in the previously released versions of dynamo. I have recently updated to 2.6 with the newest Revit point release and I am unfortunately running into the same issues. Do you all have any idea why this would continue to happen for me? See attached screenshot.

Thank you for your time efforts.

Hi Geoff, I would need to lean on @ziyun.shang for this one as it’s DynamoRevit nodes

It does appear that the wea file may be an issue as Ziyun said above - have you tried with a different file?

@solamour @ziyun.shang This is the file that comes with the Dynamo Package and yes I have tested others with the same result.

@ziyun.shang I want to add, What is the best way to convert epw. to .wea. seeing as the standard is .epw why is it this not used for the inputs?

From my research, I am seeing that the only way to convert is using ecotect which is discontinued.

Tried once again with the default .wea in the Dynamo 2.5 folder… I looks as though it worked… Still not reading location.

But now the actual solar analysis tool is not working with the data…

Hi @gtears ,
there seems to be some interference with Solar Analysis and Lighting Analysis addins for revit 2021. If you uninstall them or temporarily disable them by changing the extension of the addin file (find them here: %ProgramData%\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2021), it will work.

@solamour may you please address this issue to the package developer, or to whom it may concern?
Thank you!

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