WallType.Function node issue

Hi All,

A quick query: I have created a graph that identifies Cardinal and Intercardinal Directions of external walls hosting doors and puts an abbreviation back into a door parameter.
It does the job, it does it correctly but it also shows a warning every time it runs:

Not sure why the warning pops up, any help would be greatly appreciated.


@M4RC3L can you expand the Element.ElementType Preview list and check what are the elements there?

You might have the in-place walls. That walls if did not assign the Function will return the null. So, that might be an issue here.

Wall Function.dyn (14.0 KB)

Thank you Tradelie,

It looks like I didnt filter roofs out:

And some floors for some reason - every day a school!

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Thank you _Vijay,

Turns out that for some strange and unknown reason the script works, however, it clearly reveals my limited knowledge of Dynamo. And it seems that you are right too:

These look like some unusual wall elements - I will have to investigate further.

Another day at school!

Hello @M4RC3L …try to filter by categori…