Showing / Highlighiting Exterior and Interior Wall Differently

hello everyone,

With @JacobSmall’s help from one of the old dynamo threads that I found online, I was able to create a script that filters out exterior and interior function parameter.

My question is, is there a way to connect that list.filterbyBoolmask node into element.geometry where I could group the exterior / interior walls?

please let me know if you need further explanation.
thank you very much for your time and an indirect shoutout to @JacobSmall

The thread’s address is - Wall property "Function"

If the Element.Geometry output list is the same order and length as the Python Script, you can use the List.GroupByKey node, using Exterior/Interior list as the key. You wouldn’t need the List.Filter, unless you actually need list separation later on.

thank you for the response

but I think Element. Geometry’s error is making the list shorter than the list from python…

is there another way of doing it or do they have to have the same list length in order to achieve what i want to do?


Try grouping the walls instead of the geometry, and pull the geometry after the fact. :slight_smile: