Door Host Parameter

I am very new to Dynamo so bear with me.

I’m trying to get the wall type that the door is hosted in into the door parameter so it can be scheduled. I can’t seem to get the door type easily so I created a separate type parameter to report this. The main problem seems to be when moving from Element.Host to Element.Type I am losing some elements which is throwing the whole list off and therefore assigning the wrong Wall Type to each door.

Any help would be appreciated.


See if Element.Host is returning some empty lists. You would need to filter those out from your list of doors. I am planning to have most of the Clockwork nodes return null instead of empty lists in the future ( but for now you’d have to filter.

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If it is the issue, you may want to replace the instances which don’t return faces with another value, say an empty string or a string stating “Host could not be found automatically. Check this element manually.”

This would allowing a user to filter the schedule for that value and quickly run through the problematic doors and only the problematic doors.

That is, if the node returns an empty list, return the desired string. Otherwise return the type.

Thanks @jacob.small @Andreas_Dieckmann. It’s working now.

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If i understood what you want…

Portas = Doors
Tipo = Type

you forgot about me LOL!

@Revit_Noob Sorry, because I’m new to the forum it wouldn’t let me @ reply 3 people. Thanks for your help!