Filter wall by Type Parameter : "Function"

Hi team,
would anyone able to advice how to filter element by Type Parameter?
I’ve been trying to filter walls by their Type Parameter “Function” with Exterior and Interior,
but none of the nodes working properly…

Function is a type parameter so you need to get the wall’s type to get the function parameter value. Can you pot a graph so we can help you find your way?

@ewu168 I think you ment somting like this.

Wall_ext_int.dyn (9.1 KB)
Wall_Type_Parameter.rvt (336 KB)

Thank you Daniel, Jacob, :slight_smile:
Further more, what should be plugged in “func” in this node: Elements.FilterByParameterValueAndCondition? as attached

@ewu168 I did some test with the node. But it doesn’t seem to work. It seems to be working like the follow workflow. (see picture)

sorry for bad english

Hi Daniel, Thanks for your help.
please help to take a look at the picture attached, I’ve been trying to get the exterior wall area from the rooms, by incorporate your sequence into my one, but it seems still not working…
Looking forward to further hearing from you.
File Link

Hi Eric,

I’ve done a similar thing some time ago, so here is my solution:

Hope you’ll find it helpful :slight_smile:
You can then get the area of each wall in a similar way.


Hi Karolina,
Thank you very much for your help, it works perfectly !
One more thing I’d like you to help with is to get the Total Area of Exterior Windows and Doors,
Please refer link to the Dynamo file,!AuKJj-uzIi1IgyjmxkBzKy1TkqWi!AuKJj-uzIi1Igylgm8DtlHJ3hjLv


Eric, that is a pretty easy thing to do. Collect all your openings (Windows and Doors) in one list. I don’t know about a node that calculates an opening area, so to do it you need to extract width and height for each element. The rest is pure mathematics.

This is how I would do that, although I’m not sure if it’s the cleanest way:

Just remember to filter out external doors - it can be done in a similar manner to filtering walls from my previous post. The only trick here is that when you extract Function parameter from Doors it will be stored as a boolean (0 - Interior, 1 - Exterior), so when preparing the boolean mask you have to compare numbers, not strings. **

Good luck!

** EDIT: this is actually more universal filter:

Hello Karolina!

I cannot find the node WallType.Function :confused:
Could you tell me in which package it is included? Thank you

Hi Georg! The node is included in the Clockwork package :slight_smile:

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Great I found it! Thank you :slight_smile: