All Elements of Multiple Wall Types

My ultimate goal is to find the area of the exterior walls facing each cardinal direction: area of North facing walls, area of South facing walls, etc.

All of my exterior wall types have “EXT” in their name, so I’m trying to filter out walls of those types to consider the orientation of. However, the “String.Contains” component is throwing me an error: “String.Contains operation failed”

Do element names not contain the names of their type? Am I trying to run the component on too many walls (about 6000)? Any help much appreciated.

Can you show a preview of all your node outputs? What is the full error you’re getting?

Hey Nick,

Is this what you mean? Sorry if it’s not, I’m familiar with Grasshopper but brand new to Dynamo.


could there be an inplace family in the list, set to the wall category, that is giving you a headache?

Strangely, Revit crashed and on re-opening this same script works perfectly.