Wall Tag type by Wall Parameter

I have a wall tag family that shows fire rating graphically with four types (0hr, 1hr, 2hr, 3hr). I'm trying to get dynamo to Replace the Tag with the correct Type based on the Parameter "Fire Rating" of the wall it's hosted to. I've built what I have so far after a few previous threads here and Konrad's Wall type management video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2bI_JNrzHk. The problem is that I'm having trouble getting Dynamo to recognize the wall to which the Tag is hosted.

Any thoughts on what might be doing this? Or how to work through it a different way? And also, What do I need to input for ID to Element for the “DOC” input, I’ve tried it with “Document.Current” to no avail.Thanks!

That node seems to be intended for “unwrapped elements”. Try the “Tag Host Element” one instead:


Thanks Ditmar! I needed to use “Flatten” before getting the tag host element but it worked. I’ve finished the script and I’ll post it for anyone who’s curious tonight.

i wonder can you show how it is worked on your project please ?

Hello! I am also trying to do something similar. I can isolate the fire rated walls, and I can change wall tags to a different type. My question is how do you access the wall tags that are hosted to the fire rated walls? Thanks!