Set family types from list

Hi guys

One of the issues I run into the most is how to set family types from at list of values and not using the Family Type-node. I suppose it’s about mapping a given list to a list of family types.

Anyway - I’m currently trying to get Dynamo to swap wall tag types based on the Type Marks of the annotated walls. I know that Konrad has done something similar, however, his solution to the given task seems to be limited to two types of tags. In my specific case, the amount may vary but is about 10 different tags.

If a wall has the Type Mark “GV1”, I want Dynamo to swap the wall tag to the type “GV1” and so on. This is how far I got (ignore the green group);

Can anybody help me out?

Use the type mark to filter the element types on your project (I believe you have only one tag type with each type mark on it’s name) and use the result to set the wall tag type. I’m very new to dynamo so i din’t know if this works as I expect but it makes sense to me.



Have you tried the "FamilyType.ByFamilyNameAndTypeName"node?

Brillant, thanks!