Wall host of door or window


What I want to do is: To tag a door and the tag should contain the information of host, namely the door. Can I make dynamo read the host of a door or window and make it read by a shared parameter of a tag?

Hi Cem,

There is a custom node from archi-lab package called “Tag Host Element”. You can use that to get tag host of a door/window.

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Ok I will check it immediately, thank you.

Hi again,

I couldn’t find the last node. Element.CategoryName. Can you help me?

My question was wrong. Very sorry about that. Bad English. I want to create a door tag and it should give information about the wall the door is hosted in. Is this possible?

Clockwork package has got an Element.Host node. You can get any information from the host and write that to a shared paramter in the door/window.

If you do not wat to depend on packages, one line of python also give you a the host:

Hi again,

I tried a couple of things. Almost got there but I cannot make the code read from description parameter of the element. (type) Can you guys help me what am I doing wrong? By the way I am just a beginner, newbie, rookie.

See if this helps:

Oh this things doesn’t work with type parameters? Really? That was eye-opening. I will try this. Thank you very much.

No, that didn’t work. I cannot get the type parameter “description” out of the family. Any other suggestions?

This works for me:

@Cem_Altineller Here is another possible way.

This solved my problem completely. Thank you all.

To get the wall type name and connecting it to selecting the wall type, can this be more generic?

Actually I don’t need that, right?

If I would need this on floors FloorType.Name and FloorType.ByName does exist. But there is no CeilingType.Name.

Anyway I was thinking outloud. Thank you very much.

@Cem_Altineller - Clockwork’s Element.Type node should work with almost all element classes (system families and loadable families alike) and give you the family type of an element.

Hello! Could someone help me separate the elements inside the rooms by wall? thanks

Can you explain what you mean by seperating elements by wall inside rooms?
Do you have room seperation lines and want them to convert walls?
Please elaborate more.

You want to identify which wall is inside which room maybe?

I separeted the wall, doors and windows per rooms, but now i dont know wich is windows belongs to wich walls. So i need help to identify inside the room with door or windows belongs to walls, i tried the elements.groupbyhost and i can identify the windows in respective walls, but the rooms is gone.